Sixth Grade Art

Sixth Grade students receive art instruction once a week for 60



Art engagements we explored this year include:

     Painting - Watercolor Birch Paintings (Gustav Klimt)

                 - Acrylic Painted Cubes, tints and shades

                 - Warm/Cool Tempera "Great Wave" Painting 

     Drawing - 1 Pt. Perspective Art Gallery

     Printmaking - Mythological Creatures

     Weaving - Woven Yarn Bookmarks

     Design - Negative/Positive Cut Outs

     Clay - Coiled Ceramic Pottery (Maria Martinez)

     Sculpture - Paper Mache Sculptures (Claes Oldenburg)


Students will build upon previous art knowledge and personal experiences combined with new techniques to advance their skills.


Art vocabulary for Grades 5 & 6

    Drawing                        Painting:          

         Observation                 Color mixing: tints, shades    

         Proportion                    Analogous colors

         Foreshortening             Complimentary colors

         Viewpoint                    Tertiary colors


     Sculpture:                      Ceramics:

         Balance                          Additive

         Negative                         Subtractive

         Positive                          Clay stages: greenware,

                                                  leather hard, bisque


Classroom volunteers are always welcome!